About Us

The Center for Krill Oil Research was established in response to the growing public awareness of krill oil products and the subsequent confusion and frustration many consumers described when attempting to verify the legitimacy and effectiveness of the many krill oil products which have appeared on the market in the recent past.

Many krill oil manufacturers make some wild claims about the benefits of their product, but do not provide any evidence to validate them, while others provide little or no information regarding the source of their krill, how they are harvested or manufactured, leaving considerable doubt as to the credibility of the maker and the potential success of the product.

At the Center for Krill Oil Research, it’s our mission to analyze the growing volume of krill oil products and provide an accurate and comprehensive review of their pros and cons in order to provide consumers with the best possible information with which to make an informed decision regarding which of these products are credible and which are not.

By assessing these products in an unbiased, professional manner, we hope to give consumers the critical tools they require to find the best possible krill oil product for their needs.